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Do you have an Old Car lying around, not doing much of anything except collecting dust? You’re not alone: countless Brisbane Car locals own an Old Car that is either unused or is nearing its last drive. You generally have 3 options: leave it as is (but who wants an eyesore on their property?), pay to have it towed and dumped at a landfill (this can be costly) or by far the best option: letting Max Car Removals collecting it with a Free Old Car Removals. We love Old Car Collections in Brisbane.

Old Car Collections Brisbane

You can have all the hassles and inconveniences of owning an unwanted Old Car solved today when you choose Max Car Removals. Our same-day Old Car Removal service can be completed in half an hour, including payment, legal procedures, and towing. With a free service like that which pays up to $9999 on-the-spot, the better question is why wouldn’t you choose Max Car Removals?

Give us a call today at 0435 760 022 or fill our online quote form and we’ll be right with you!

Did You Know That Your Old Car Holds a Lot of Value? Here’s Why

Sure, most buyers would take one look at an Old Car and say, ‘not interested!’ but that’s because they’re looking to resell a car that’s probably nearing its used-by date. Max Car Removals are Brisbane Car Wreckers who buy vehicles to recycle their metals, scrap materials and auto parts – and your Old Car has all these things!

Valuable parts in your Old Car include:

Receive Old Car Collections from Your Doorstep Anywhere in Brisbane Car

You can have your Old Car collected free of charge without having to lift your finger – well, except to give us a call! With every vehicle we purchase, we offer Free Vehicle Pickup, whether your vehicle is on the road or in your backyard. We have the industry’s finest Vehicle Removalists located throughout Brisbane Car and beyond, so if you’d prefer an immediate pickup, our team is never far away. Either give our friendly team a call or contact us online and schedule your appointment with us.

We provide Free Old Car Removals even if they are:

How to Get Free Old Car Removals Brisbane Wide Today?

First, call Max Car Removals. On the phone, we’ll provide a quick quote for your vehicle (based on the details that you tell us), after which you can book your appointment with us. Lastly, our team will arrive at the scheduled time to pay you on the spot, quickly guide you through the paperwork (we’ll bring this at no extra cost), and then tow your Old Car. Before you know it, everything will be done and dusted!

Contact Max Car Removals today at 0435 760 022 to get maximum Cash for Cars in Brisbane.