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Unwanted cars: what’s the best thing to do with them? Well, you could try your luck trying to find buyers online or going around to different car dealers, but there’s no guarantee of a sale – especially if your vehicle is old, damaged, or not in the best condition. We have a better option: have your unwanted car collected and paid for on the spot today with a trusted auto wrecker. Yep, we’re talking about Max Car Removals! We are a guaranteed car buyer, which means that whatever happens, you can count on us to purchase your vehicle for a Top Cash for Cars price. We’ll even provide a Free Unwanted Car Removal Brisbane service to make things more convenient for you.

Sell My Car from my doorstep with a free collection? Yes, please!

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Unwanted Car Removals Brisbane

Unwanted Cars are Max Car Removal’s Specialty. Here’s Why

Most used car dealers pay very low prices for vehicles because they want to resell it. Want an accurate and fair price for your vehicle – even if it’s not in the best condition? Max Car Removals is a trusted Auto Wrecker in Brisbane who buys unwanted cars for their valuable car parts and metals. Just because an unwanted car is no longer roadworthy doesn’t make it useless!

From bumpers to engine parts to alternators, your unwanted car still has a wealth of valuable parts and materials! Just give Max Car Removals and we’ll give you an offer that sees value in your vehicle that most buyers will be blind to (or won’t admit!).

Receive Instant Cash for Unwanted Cars Quotes without Having to Leave Your Home

You can stop the hassle of having potential buyers inspecting your vehicle before making an offer: we’ll do it free and quickly over the phone or online. Just tell us relevant details about your vehicle including its condition, its odometer reading (Kms), its make and model.

After a quick calculation, we’ll have an offer ready for you which you can take or leave without pressure. After accepting our offer, you can then book your appointment with us.

Half an Hour: That’s All We Need to Provide a Free Unwanted Car Removal Brisbane Wide for You that Pays Top Dollar

After booking your appointment with us at the best time for you, our team will guide you through the paperwork (we’ll prepare this), pay you your Cash for Cars sum as promised, and tow your unwanted car – and it can all be done in half an hour. Why put off selling your unwanted car when you can have It collected and sold for top dollar in minutes? All you need to bring is proof of ownership and proof of identity (such as your driver’s license) and remove your plates: we can do this for you if you’d prefer.

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